Alternative Business Finance: Index Criteria

The Alternative Business Finance Index is a categorized directory of organizations which enable the creation of assets from receivables or payables and their distribution to others, whether they are banks or non-banks. The Index is a subset of the Spend Matters Almanac.

Curated by Trade Financing Matters, the Index intends to educate the market around this emerging space. We hope it will aid treasury, procurement, finance and supply chain organizations attempting to make sense of all the offerings available in the market today.

The criteria that determine which companies should be on this list come down to one simple, objective data point: What assets do they directly or indirectly generate for funders, be they banks, asset-based lenders, the shadow banks, institutional investors or asset managers?

With the majority of alternative finance B2B providers, information on the size and volumes of these assets is kept private, no different than trying to find the payment terms and commercial agreements between Bechtel and Sunoco, or IBM and one of its engineering suppliers. That data is just not public.

Examples of criteria for the Index include:


  • Assets transferred to third parties (and not self-funded by companies)
  • Invoices financed by early pay solutions (either self-funded or third party)
  • Number of buying customers paying subscription fees
  • Number of suppliers submitting more than “x” amount of volume over a year


  • A perspective of business model that is superior, given market structure changes
  • Solution innovation
  • Scalability assessment
  • Retention of risk in the platform
  • Collateral management

Please note the Alternative Business Finance Index will be fluid and change considerably. As it grows, listings will be added and updated with new information.

If you’re a solution provider with a business model for alternative business finance, please note that all listings, free and paid, are moderated for content and approved prior to inclusion and will appear on Trade Financing Matters, as well as in the Alternative Business Finance category of the Spend Matters Almanac.

If you would like to have your organization listed in the Index or want to update your information, please fill out the Alternative Business Finance Index submission form. To combat fraudulent listings and to allow you to able to edit your listing, we require the submitter to have a Spend Matters membership of any level, including the free membership level.

If you aren’t a Spend Matters member, please select a plan and register for a premium account or register for a free subscriber account. Then you can start your Index submission process.

As we launch Version 1.0, we welcome any and all feedback.