SMBs Need Relationship-Based Financing and Alternative Providers Can Help

Trade Financing Matters welcomes this guest post from Calum Williamson, Managing Director/ President for Bibby Financial Services Canada More than half of small or medium-sized […]

With a Digital Economy, You Dont Need the Equifaxs of the World

In the USA, we rely on credit bureaus to help us assess consumer and business credit risk. A 150 years ago, the person that granted […]

Benchmarking FinTech Business Lending by Company Size

Why Company Size matters when it comes to adopting Alternative Finance We see various alternative finance techniques being offered to companies by size. Generally, size […]

There are just too many Supply Chain Finance Conferences

I get asked the question what supply chain finance conferences one should go to a lot. And really there are no shortage of conferences with […]

The Challenge in Diversifying Supply Chain Finance Funding Sources

As Adam Dener, managing principal at Fermat Capital Management, conveyed on our recent webinar Funding Modern Supply Chains, understanding how investors approach the risk-reward of SCF […]

5 Areas Where Alternative Finance & Traditional Lending Differ

What keeps most CFOs and Treasurers up at night? Is it rising interest rates?  Or bumping up against their credit revolvers or even bank covenants?  […]

Orbians Experience with Non bank Investors in Supply Chain Finance Structures

Noted bank robber Willie Sutton explained why he robbed banks. Willie replied, “I rob banks because that's where the money is.”  Once true for supply chain finance as […]

Forbes FinTech 50 Leader Aztec Exchange files for Liquidation

PayMe has filed for Liquidation Aztec Exchange, based in Ireland, wanted to be the invoice finance company for the Spanish speaking world, spreading itself into […]