ApexPeak on Supply Chain finance Fintech acquisition streak

ApexPeak, a Singapore-based nonbank capital provider, has been acquiring companies that facilitate supply chain finance and SME lending in emerging markets.

Its’ most recent acquisition is ASYX, a small Dutch vendor (approx 30 FTEs) that markets a Supply Chain Finance Platform. ASYX is currently active in Europe and Asia with offices in Amsterdam, Singapore and Jakarta. ASYX services a few corporates with their supply chain finance platform - Carrefour, Heineken and Lion Superindo. Banks use their application because corporate buyers request the portal functionality of ASYX. They have a few banks and corporate buyers using their platform, including an Indonesian Bank, BNI, and DBS Indonesia.

ApexPeak also recently acquired Cashnomix, a proprietary cloud-based credit scoring engine that enables small businesses in the UAE to ease short-term cash by receiving early payment on invoices. ApexPeak also provided an equity investment into SESAMi, a Singapore based e-procurement service provider that supports local Singaporean businesses by allowing additional access to cash to solve short-term shortfalls in liquidity.

According to the press release, Asyx will remain a distinct brand, and its management and technical team will remain in place, while working with ApexPeak to integrate its technology and customers into an enhanced service offering. In addition, Asyx gets long-term financial backing to support expansion. Collectively, ApexPeak and Asyz will also work together to identify new opportunities to work with banks and corporates to finance and enable the whole supply chain.

This isn’t the first acquisition by a an asset advisor / asset manager (see Experienced Investment Bankers buy Supply Chain Finance vendor Demica). I do not believe it will be the last. Hungry for yield, asset managers, advisors, brokers, etc. are looking for ways to generate assets. By buying platforms and putting in origination teams, they can self generate assets and distribute. PrimeRevenue has also recently launched PrimeRevenue Capital Management to distribute assets they generate to non banks.

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