Does Orbian really have the Best Supplier Support and Enrollment Platform?

I’ve written that Supplier Support and Enrollment, hereby called onboarding, can mean different things to different people but in this context is specific to onboarding suppliers to enable some early pay finance technique.

The marathon to set up a supply chain finance program is over, you’ve found a great new platform and funding partners and the contracting has just concluded. The opportunity looks great, so you toss everything over the fence to your partners to get it sorted and sign up suppliers to the program. And then nothing happens.

I did a series of post highlighting some of the Front, Middle, and Back office tasks, particularly for reverse factoring programs which are targeted at tier 1 suppliers here here and here. Onboarding is not trivial and extremely critical for vendors, as many rely on transaction flow for their revenue. So no flow, no money.

In Global Finance’s recent 2015 Supply Chain Finance awards, Orbian was named as the World’s Best for Supplier Enrollment. Orbian outlines four steps for a supplier to complete their Enrollment process.   So I took a look at their enrollment site.

The information below comes straight off their web site.

The Orbian Supplier Enrollment Portal

Orbian portal1

Should you have any questions please contact the Supplier Acquisition Team: (US Toll Free) +1 877 912 8830 or +44 (0) 20 7065 7010 or email us here

(note: I tried calling their help number listed and couldn’t reach it from Canada)

Step 1

Complete the Supplier Setup Form


Information required in the Supplier Setup form includes:

    • Company Address
    • Company Type, Tax ID or Registration Number
    • Existing Payment Terms, Total Sales, Referring Buyer
    • Company Sector & Sector Sales
    • Bank account details
    • System User Details, including phone number and email address.

Once completed please review, submit and print the form.

Step 2

Please download and print the following documents, fill in details, sign and date as indicated.

·        Supplier Use and Payment and Discount Agreement
·        Bank Verification Form

Step 3

Please return the following signed original documents:

    • Supplier Setup Form
    • Supplier Use and Payment and Discount Agreement
    • Bank Verification Form

Along with a copy of

    • Articles of Incorporation
    • Voided Blank Check/Bank Statement/Deposit Slip

Please scan and email or fax documents to Orbian AND mail original documents to  Orbian’s  Supplier Acquisition Team

Step 4

When we receive the completed package Orbian will process your application. Once we have completed and validated your application, you will receive an email confirming your unique Login and Access details for Orbian's Payment and Discounting Portal.

At the same time, we will inform your buyer that you will now receive your payments through Orbian.

Okay, back to the post. This all sounds pretty labor intensive. I know there are other vendors and their onboarding experience we have written about, such as Taulia, TradeShift, and banks like Citibank.

Jason has written about Tradeshift’s supplier engagement and considers the way Tradeshift engages with suppliers and collects information over time (eg. bank details) to be quite innovative. CloudScan is fundamentally different from other OCR-based supplier connectivity approaches for e-invoicing document exchange. It is really a stealth means of kicking off a continuous on-boarding and supplier management process that leverages supplier self-service to reduce AP and procurement hands-on involvement.

I’ve written about Citibank’s Integrated Payable solution tool here (note: it’s more a middle office activity to take a corporation’s spend file and recommend various ways the company can improve their cash flow and working capital)

PrimeRevenue has a dedicated onboarding team, about 20 persons based in Atlanta, Prague, Melbourne and Hong Kong and partners in Japan, Lebanon, South Africa and Mexico, which provide local, face-to-face onboarding services in all major languages such as French, Mandarin, Cantonese, English, German, Czech, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, etc. They also organize customized webinars in the local languages to educate the suppliers together with the buyer’s procurement team. According to Oliver Belin, Director of Marketing, “what is unique is our onboarding platform, SCiEnable, which is accessible online 24/7 . It is a self-service, automated supplier onboarding tool which is customised with the client’s message and corporate identity and available in the multiple languages. It contains interactive calculators to see the benefits, references, show how the system works with videos, case studies, etc

So I am not sure who is the best, I just know onboarding makes these vendors world go around.

Bottom line for corporates, make sure you take a spin test of the onboarding experience your suppliers will have to endure. It matters for you, your suppliers, and your financial and servicing partners.

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