Fintech Fosters Alignment for Supply Chain Finance

FinTech does not have a simple definition. It is a broad term that speaks to the evolving intersection of technologies and the way supply chains and financial services are provided.

I spoke to Greg Person, Kyriba's VP of Global Presales about how he sees FinTech helping to align the role of B2B payments and finance.  Greg runs the presales team globally for Kyriba and also has responsibility for supplier onboarding.  He sees technology helping in both visibility and execution to have a holistic solution that gives insights around visibility and to help with execution.  In terms of FinTech and Visibility, Greg sees a number of areas such as:

FinTech Visibility

  • Suppliers can see invoices and pay status and can manage DSO
  • AP can have a workflow and process to manage DPO
  • Treasury can manage cash flow

Based on visibility, FinTech Execution can help stakeholders achieve their goals. For example:

  • Suppliers - “Paid early” is now an option
  • Accounts Payable can do smart payments based on whether funded early or not.
  • Treasury can establish supply chain finance programs
  • And the CFO can manage free cash flow and DPO

Join myself and Greg tomorrow as we explore Why Treasury and Procurement Should Collaborate for a Successful Supply Chain Finance Program.

We look forward to sharing our perspectives with you.

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