Funding Modern Supply Chain Finance: from Banks to Others

The recent views and comments in the press about the inflow of non-bank capital to Supply Chain Finance (SCF) markets has been more wishful thinking than reality. Put simply, SCF assets are still primarily originated and funded by banks and due to the non-uniform, private placement structure of these assets there are significant barriers to attracting alternative sources of funding.

However, change is imminent. Rising interest rates and changing supply of money have made it more difficult for banks to participate in SCF markets, but have also made SCF arguably more valuable to commercial suppliers and buyers as traditional debt funding has become more costly. This has created massive opportunity for non-bank originators and funders to supplement the traditional bank-driven business model as demand for Supply Chain Financing grows amongst customers, and traditional sources of bank funding shrink.

On 14th September, Trade Financing Matter's David Gustin will host our third collaboration with Orbian, one of the major non-bank originators of SCF assets. Orbian has been a major player in working to engage non-bank investors and CEO Tom Dunn will share insights into recent trends for funding successful SCF programs with diversified funding sources.

We’ll also welcome Adam Dener, Managing Principal in Trade Finance at Fermat Capital Management.  Adam’s experience in trade finance as both a banker and investment manager have provided him with a unique view on trends in SCF markets, which we look forward to him sharing.

Join myself, Tom and Adam by registering for the webinar here.

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