Global Business Intelligence Produces 4th Edition of Supply Chain Finance ebook

Do we really need another supply chain finance book or publication? I wrote a post about how Supply Chain Finance (“SCF”) is the new plastics not long ago given the never ending stream of so much material being produced around this topic.

But what is lacking IMHO in much of the supply chain finance stories is true unbiased content. Much of what is discussed with supply chain finance comes from a vendor pushing their solutions or consultants who do not have a corporate perspective or tend to think of supply chain finance as a technology problem. Or politicians that like to promote the "funding gaps” for poor small businesses.

Since 2007, I have been educating the market around supply chain finance techniques via my Supply Chain Finance Guides and felt the market could benefit from an update given technological and structural changes across the world are altering the face of working capital finance. So my company, Global Business Intelligence, produced the 2016 State of Supply Chain Finance Industry - Entering a New Era of Maturity, to help companies understand the broader vision of supply chain finance, and how it fits within their entire ecosystem.

I take full responsibility for the content in the report, and it’s a pretty exhaustive and collective effort to help CFOs, Treasurers, CPOs, finance professionals and others better understand the myriad of issues around supply chain finance. The increasing need to manage working capital has made this space a fast-changing market and there are a significant number of vendors with solutions, so it’s helpful I believe to have something that alleviates the confusion around vendor propositions.

I want to give special thanks to the featured sponsors that helped make this possible, including Basware, DBS Bank, Demica, Kyriba, Misys, Seabury TFX, Tungsten Network, and ViewPost.

Click here to download your copy of the 2016 State of Supply Chain Finance Industry.  (note: you must provide your company email, ie, not Hotmail, gmail, etc. accepted.)

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