GT Nexus Aims to take on the Big Boys – SAP/Ariba and Oracle

I am at GT Nexus Bridge Conference in Miami.  The first Bridges was in 2004 in San Francisco and now, in 2015, there are literally hundreds of people here.

I knew GT Nexus before it became the entity it is today, having known TradeCard when it was founded back in 1999 as a system to replace the letter of credit for global trade.  The old GT Nexus was a SaaS freight solution.  The common link between the two companies is their private equity partner, Warburg Pincus.

Today, globalization, free trade agreements, global market opportunities in emerging markets, and the need for visibility and analytics has driven GT Nexus into one of the innovators in connecting the parties to a global trade transaction. Their platform enables companies to run Direct Sourcing and Import programs through a cloud-based platform connecting forwarders, suppliers, large Corporate buyers, financing banks, etc.  They employ about 1,000 people and serve about 20,000 businesses in industries ranging from manufacturing to retail to consumer goods.  The old Tradecard had a lot of traction in retail given the global sourcing of textiles, footwear, and apparel, and combined with GT Nexus SaaS transportation management capabilities, is focused on helping other industries that are distributed globally.

Think of GT Nexus as Business Network Infrastructure - with the following functionality – Purchase to Pay, some Order to Cash (yes, they help retailers sell to consumers), Supply Chain Execution and Logistics.  GT Nexus likes to think of themselves as being different because they can handle cross border trade, and cross border trade typically involves buying and moving goods such as finished merchandise for retailers or components for manufacturers.  They also  address what for many firms is the largest of indirect spends, freight and logistics.

They believe that the battle is with the giants , Oracle, and SAP/Ariba, or in their words,  it’s Enterprise Centric Systems Vs. Networked Systems.

Today is a pre conference network day (or beach day, whatever suits you).  Here are a sample of presentations starting today:

  • Jim Cafone, Pfizer on aligning your supply chain in Pharma
  • Todd Glance, Lear, on the next level supply chain orchestration at Lear
  • Deckers journey of Supply Chain Transformation
  • P&G focusing on Detention and Demurrage
  • Transforming the physical supply chain through innovative Supply Chain Finance,  This ties back to my post yesterday on pre shipment finance.

Stay tuned for day one coverage.

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