How Amazon Marketplace Can Solve America’s Gun Problem

Look, the gun issue in America is one which I normally wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole, and certainly not on Trade Financing Matters, but I realize we aint gone no where fast with any of the proposed Obama rules and the gun policy debate is not really a debate as it is a protection of rights versus sanity.

So Jeff Bezos, if you get this, here is a something you can take straight to the White House and solve a big problem in the U.S. The idea is so simple it’s hard to believe it hasn’t been thought of before. But as I’ve learned over the years, simplicity comes after the complexity, not before.

So here it is.  All guns are sold on Amazon Marketplace.  When you place an order, the order is shipped to the nearest police station. It could even be done in an armed carrier, like the way they do retail branch cash pick up and drop off.  The buyer would then pick up the gun order at the police station only after a proper background checks is done.  Part of that could even be a medical health check.  Someone smarter than me can define “proper”.  It’s a word like significant, no one can really define it but we all can react to it.

From there, the police can ensure the person has complied with any safety program.  They could even give the test there (do you know how to handle a gun, store it, etc.)

This would eliminate the 1000s of gun distributors who we will never be able to control.  To give you an idea of how many gun stores there are in America, there are more gun stores (~51,000) than grocery stores (36,500).   There are almost as many gun dealers in America as gas stations. There are a total of 129,817 gun dealers in the country, which include retail stores (51,438), "collectors" (61,562), pawn shops (7,356), and importers and manufacturers. Meanwhile, there are 143,849 gas stations.

Yeah this would be big business for Amazon, but this is a complex problem that can be solved if we want to change the way consumers buy and we want to impact many local gun store businesses yet ensure Americans still have their right to buy a gun.  As we know, life is full of tradeoffs.

Am I smoking something, or does this make sense.

p.s. I promise to get back to finance and credit issues next week!

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