How Banks are Closing Payable, Receivable & SCF Products Gaps


A week does not go by without another a bank announcing a partnership with the latest fintech vendor or rolling out the latest payable or receivable treasury/trade product.

Recent announcements include:

  • ING – Basware
  • Regions – Fundation
  • US Bank, Bank of America, Fifth ThirdViewpost
  • Fifth Third - C2FO
  • PNC –, Tungsten Networks

Banks are making broad bets to fill product gaps for their supply chain finance and payable/receivable solutions, broken down by customer segments.

For example, with the mid market, some are starting to ramp up selling AP automation capabilities to help these companies (typically with sales between $100M to $1.5bn) process invoices from their supplier ecosystem, pay, reconcile and provide early pay opportunities.  The banks see great opportunity with an ignored segment, as the large P2P vendors fight over the big whales, ie Fortune 1000.

Other banks without a large pcard business are using vendors like Paymode-X to promote Cheque to ACH conversion combined with lower interchange as a pcard substitute.

Still others are working with vendors like Billtrust, Viewpost, etc. to develop invoicing and cash tools for their small business segment.

In addition to products, many banks have added some spend file analytic and cross over capabilities, and vendor payment term analysis to help sell AP solutions to their clients.  Banks, via their army of treasury and trade sales consultants and product specialists, look to provide hard data to clients on the impact of various initiatives.  You can imagine a large global corporate treasury team, which probably has seen five or six of its relationship bank's tools plus tools from vendors like PrimeRevenue, Taulia, and others.

So where is this all going?  Digitization, big data, analytics, onboarding, speed, new finance techniques, etc. its enough to make ones head spin. At the request of a number of different institutions, I am conducting some market intelligence on the product gaps banks are attempting to fill in their payable, receivable, and supply chain finance offerings to multiple customer segments (large, middle market, small)

If you are a financial institution and interested in learning how you can be involved, please contact me at dgustin (at)

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