How to Kick Start SupplierPay

When I speak to the Small Business Administration and Department of Commerce folks about SupplierPay, they always comment how passionate I am about the issue. And I always come back with the same response – I am a micro business and chasing payments is wasted energy and getting paid on time matters a lot, it’s that simple. Plus I like that the fact that the SupplierPay Pledge is a win win win game, micro and small businesses have options for early payment (or at least not extended terms), large companies can help small suppliers and their supply chain and vendors can leverage their technologies to help get rid of paper.

Since the Pledge is not a binding contract, how can you accelerate adoption and measure success? During our webinar next week The White House, SupplierPay, Early Payment Opportunities and You, we will discuss some of these options, which include but are not limited to:

  • Government Mandate
  • Tax Incentives
  • Repatriation Offsets
  • Legislate eInvoicing with Government suppliers

The other interesting angle here is that many of the vendor propositions today that facilitate dynamic discounting and pcards are focused squarely on indirect spend categories. And reverse factoring programs are squarely focused on large Tier 1 direct spend suppliers. But what about total spend?   We will examine how one vendors solution can address total spend.

You can register for the webinar here

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