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One thing that continues to amaze me about the tech side of the receivables and payables financing markets is the information vacuum in the sector and how little different parties and participants know about each other. One could say that this is just banks living in their own world. But it’s not.

There are some exceptions and a handful of folks I’ve meet with the sector, including on the banking and treasury sides, are exceptionally deep. But for 99% of folks involved in this community, including at tech vendors and within procurement, there’s greater uncertainty than certainty about what others are trying to do – or doing. Even from a definitional standpoint, few are even on the same page.

Perhaps this is because we’ve not fully done our part yet in covering and analyzing this market – and there is no doubt we can improve. So, I’d like to toss a few questions out to the Trade Financing Matters audience about how best we can collectively address this information asymmetry and disconnect:

  • How do you define this sector? Is our span of coverage complete or not?
  • Who else would you like to educate in your organization about receivables and payables financing? What would be helpful as part of this effort which we could provide?
  • What aren’t we covering that we should be – or highlighting more frequently?
  • Would “live” face-to-face get-togethers (e.g., conferences) covering tech-enabled trade financing models and alternative financing vendors be something that would help and would want to attend?
  • Would more 101-type content be helpful on the site versus – or complementing – more advanced analysis?
  • Would a push subscriber newsletter that went into more detail be helpful (or premium content that went deeper on Trade Financing Matters around particular topics)?  
  • Does audience segmentation matter when discussing and explaining the topics that we cover? For example, when we review a particular technology or platform, should we offer a perspective for banks, procurement and treasury separately?
  • Should we publish a glossary of terms and descriptions with examples?

Please feel free to post a comment or drop a direct line to us jbusch (at) spendmatters (dot) com or dgustin (at) tradefinancingmatters (dot) com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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