In Focus – Traxpay gets funded to disrupt B2B payments

Good to see Traxpay go public with the news of their new partners and Series B funding round of $15million. Jason covers it today - Will Better Payment Models Transform P2P and Trade Finance?

Will Better Payment Models Transform P2P and Trade Financing? - See more at:

I hope they can shake things up in the payments world – it’s not about the payment as much as it is the information around the payment.

We know B2B Payments are disconnected from Purchase to Pay and the Cash reconciliation process of the supplier. The truth is that the “pay” part in P2P flows and the “cash” part in O2C flows are totally disconnected from the rest of the transaction.

It’s just that stuff happens between the order, the delivery and the payment. It just does – maybe business conditions dictate that a payment be split, combined, rerouted, canceled, executed on condition, put into escrow, milestone-based, paid on delivery, scheduled for a different date, assigned to someone else, etc.

So we are excited for Traxpay and their business partners Mastercard, Commerzbank, and Software AG.

Disruptors around payments are good for everyone.

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