Are P2P models the death of Factoring? CFA Webinar to explore

There is much spin and confusion going on around new models for finance. And of course a massive movement to create non bank entities to fund wholesale and consumer credit. The trick is understanding the information that enables the transfer of assets. Many of the solutions in the market started out as some integration proposition and now threaten various banks areas – factoring, trade & supply chain, commercial finance, etc.

I will be presenting a webinar “Is a P2P and Financing Comet About to Hit Factors?”. The webcast, hosted by Commercial Finance Association (CFA), the international trade association dedicated to the asset-based lending and factoring industries and will take place on 28th October at 2pm Eastern time.

Free registration is available on CFA website via here

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  1. Manel Navarro:

    I this webinar also for non CFA members?
    Thank you

    1. David Gustin:

      Hi Manel

      It’s open to all and it is free!



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