Powerpoint’s Disservice to FinTech

I wrote a post about a year ago about Microsoft Powerpoint, or more precisely, how Powerpoint slides paint a vision for vendor which is accepted as reality. Truth be told, we are living in very confusing times. And there are opportunities to be made out of a messy world. But too many times I have seen visions that are dumbed down by slides and accepted as reality.

My previous post stated,

I see a lot of press releases and receive a lot of next big things in my inbox on the future of trade.  Much of it comes in the way of a Powerpoint file which presents slides on why our new financing method will be a game changer.

I think Microsoft has done a tremendous disservice to the business community by allowing them to reduce a complicated subject, commercial trade credit and finance, into a slide show.  PowerPoint is and always will be a sales tool, in many cases used to spin why we are going to take over the world.

In this Twitter and Snapchat world, are people doing any critical thinking?  In the world of trade credit, having to slog through a 150 page prospectus, or read the latest detail on Basel or Dodd Frank regulation on Lease Accounting is not fun.  Heck, understanding the Uniform Commercial Code and how liens are registered is boring, but important.

But we need to get beyond the Powerpoint documents and fancy graphs and colors to read and understand what is really being offered, or said, or put forward.  Do we understand the risk mitigation in these new models, the Accounting implications, etc.  Reading the fine print isn’t fun, but than its the difference between feeling your Insurance policy covers a risk to realizing your Policy in Section XII.2 has an exclusion for that.

We can’t afford to be lazy in today’s Twitter world.   Please read the fine print.

A year on, and that can’t be more true.

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