Preliminary Alternative Business Finance Watch List


If I had to put together an alphabetical list of those companies that would make the preliminary Watch List, it would be the ones below.  This list below is not meant to be complete or represent companies that have cracked the code with scalable propositions, but it’s a start.  Some of these vendors have been around a long time (the longest one 25 years) while others are very new.

Notice there is no segmentation yet, so some of these players are Asset Managers, some are software companies that sell to companies, some to banks, others originate assets with the primary goal to distribute to non banks, while others are squarely focused on big data and small business lending propositions.  Right now, it’s just a preliminary group.  Many on this list are making it based on the chance to be disruptive in b2b finance without the actual evidence to date.

The list below contains companies from all walks of life, from Cloud based treasury management software companies to asset managers.


  1. Advance Global Capital
  2. Alibaba
  3. AGFE
  4. AmeriQuest
  5. Aztec Exchange
  6. Amazon B2B
  7. Basware
  8. C2FO
  9. CRX
  10. Demica
  11. Falcon Trade
  12. Fastpay
  13. Finacity
  14. Global Supply Chain Finance
  15. GLI Finance
  16. Greensill Capital
  17. GT Nexus (now part of Infor)
  18. Hitachi Capital
  19. Invoiceware
  20. Kabbage
  21. Kyriba
  22. Lending Club
  23. MarketInvoice
  24. Mastercard
  25. Nipendo
  26. Orbian
  27. P2Bi
  28. Paypal
  29. Platform Black
  30. PrimeRevenue
  31. Prosper
  32. Quickbooks
  33. Square
  34. Taulia
  35. TheReceivablesExchange
  36. Tungsten Network
  37. ViewPost

Just like any all star selection list, I am sure there will be intense disagreement.  That’s good. Lets discuss, lets debate and lets try to clarify and educate in the process.  I was always taught better to get it out early for feedback then to wait and try and be perfect.

It is my hope that we can get more transparency into this space, and more debate around the models that can really help the industry drive the development of finance solutions to support trade.

Visit here to get a free listing.  If you think you should be included on our upcoming Watch List, Contact me at dgustin at and we can chat exchange some thoughts.

p.s. One word of warning to the above companies.  I would not get your PR machine to go out and pump this entry.  I would say the vast majority of companies will not make the final Watch List as there are big differences between what you want to be with your slide vision and what the market wants.  You've been warned!

p.s.s.  Please forgive me if you really belong and I did not include you.  I promise to give everyone a fair chance.

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