Supply Chain Finance Goes to College Part 2

Knowing Tom Dunn, CEO of Orbian as I do, I know he is a man of action.  World renown for his rowing capabilities, Tom recently came in second in the Worlds for his age category.  Tom is a winner. Prior to joining Orbian, Tom worked for 16 years with JP Morgan in London, Melbourne, Sydney and Tokyo. His experience was most focused upon debt capital markets, corporate finance and credit markets;

After running Orbian for over 10 years, Tom knows what goes to the heart of developing successful Supply Chain Finance (SCF) programs. He set out on a journey to take SCF to school to develop an intellectually   robust   and   empirically   supported   model   for SCF as a tool of 21st century corporate finance.

Tom enlisted Professor David Wuttke of the EBS Business School to develop the models, methodology and empirical support that, as he says, can best underpin SCF into adulthood.

In our upcoming 22 June webinar, Professor Wuttke will present highlights of his team's research on observed patterns of behaviors in Supply Chain Finance.

We’ll explore questions like:

  • What are the production, logistical, financial, contractual and “emotional” links between the buyer and supplier?
  • How will the supplier cooperate with a desire that the buyer expresses to extend DPO?
  • How will the supplier react if such payment extension is imposed, possibly in breach of existing contractual arrangements?

We look forward to presenting these results and to broadening debate on these matters and hope you will join us next week.

You can register for Supply Chain Finance Goes to College here

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First Voice

  1. Jason Busch:

    But what is his resting hear rate?

    Tom, if it’s under 50 (your pulse that is), I will buy David’s words outside of your corporate experience 🙂

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