The Tower of Procurement, Treasury, and Payable Babble

If Procurement has a strategy, and Treasury has a strategy and Payables has a strategy and they arent’ talking, you are going to get into a lot of conflict of strategies. This is especially true when it comes to working capital.

With a heightened awareness over how a supplier ecosystem affects a company’s balance sheet, increasingly it’s the Procurement and Supply Chain organizations that are executing the working capital strategies and implementing the tools, and helping to onboard suppliers in addition to the traditional worlds of treasury and finance. The ever constant pressure to find “cash” in an organization is now commonplace as the days of cash-rich businesses having excess cash or access to cheap bank sources of funding are all but over (except for, well you know who they are – GAFA).

Join us on Wednesday 3 May and hear how Siemens started managing these conflicts and how a supply chain finance program is helping multiple divisions within the enterprise.

Also, Tom Dunn, CEO of Orbian will also give his perspective on why supply chain finance can help manage organizational conflicts.  A hot topic for Tom as well is how companies are planning major sustainability initiatives and supply chain finance can be used as a mechanism for buyers to support their sustainability goals, whether they center around carbon footprint, child labor, or just better on time delivery. A Buyer will tell their emerging market suppliers if they meet certain sustainability goals – such as carbon footprint output or child labor, there will be a reduction in rates paid or an enhancement of services they receive.

This will be an interactive session with dialogue, so hope you can join us! Bring your questions too.

To register, visit here

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