Trade Financing Matters Announces Alternative Business Finance Index

abf-wl2015x200The acceleration of innovative consumer credit initiatives, particularly those that have gone public, has given us deep insights and knowledge around new forms of business finance.  One can now look up Lending Club’s growth rates, delinquencies, chargeoffs and other data around small business lending.  This is not true with various non bank B2B finance initiatives that are not public. They are opaque with numbers, their business model structure can be confusing, and how they generate assets for non banks is not always clear.  As I have said before, the business to business trade credit world is one of private commercial agreements so there is limited real data made available.

With our Alternative Business Finance (ABF) Index, Trade Financing Matters wants to change this to some degree by providing the first true segmentation and explanation around this space, who are the players generating assets to be financed (either by companies themselves or third parties) and how are they doing it.  There is a tremendous amount of money invested in new forms of working capital, trade finance, and trade credit.  Along with this investment, comes a tremendous amount of hype and confusion.  Certainly AltFinance is not just peer to peer (P2P) or marketplace lending.  Nor is it just approved invoice financing done by large companies via dynamic discounting or via third parties doing receivables lending off of a big buyer’s suppliers.

The Alternative Business Finance Index will be a categorized on-line directory of organizations that serve the businesses with alternative finance.  Curated by Trade Financing Matters and a part of the larger Spend Matters Almanac, the Alternative Business Finance Index is segmented into the following groups:

  • Enterprise Solutions
  • SMB Software Providers/Platforms
  • Direct to Bank Solutions
  • B2B Digital Marketplaces
  • Brokers/Asset Advisers/Funding
  • SMB Marketplace Lenders & Invoice Auction

Over the ensuing months, we will be profiling the segments and individual companies within the segments.  If you believe you are one of the Alternative Business Finance companies to watch, contact me at dgustin at and we can chat about the criteria we will use for the selection process.

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