Warburg Pincus exploring Sale of GT Nexus with Morgan Stanley

GT Nexus and TradeCard, two cloud-based technology companies specializing in supply chain management, merged in early 2013. Warburg Pincus provided the start-up financing for both companies, with TradeCard starting back in the late 90s.

The WSJ recently broke the story that GT Nexus Inc. is exploring a sale. Warburg has desired to exit north of $100M in revenue, claiming this is good revenue for a software as a service business. With a reported valuation of $800 million (that's the reported value that SAP bid to buy GT Nexus earlier in the year), that puts this cloud computing company at projected sale of 8x revenue.

Why SAP would jump from GT Nexus to Concur, a travel expense company, is beyond me. GT Nexus potentially is a good fit given their retail customer base on the TradeCard side.

It appears the time is now with valuations for cloud computing sky high, as more and more behemoths like Amazon, HP and Microsoft pour billions into data centers, analytics, etc.

To see more about both GT Nexus and Tradecard, visit TFM stories Connecting Sourcing Networks – GT Nexus (formerly TradeCard)- A SaaS survivor from the 90s - See more at:  and GT Nexus and IFC deliver Supply Chain Finance to Emerging Markets

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