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New IFRS Operating Lease Rules to Have Major Balance Sheet Impact

New lease accounting changes to bring US GAAP and IFRS accounting regulations for leases into line could wreak havoc on balance sheets. The chief issue […]

Is Supply Chain Finance Constricted by Accounting Rules?

Right now, by all non public measures, early pay funded by third parties is not material. Yet. What the market calls Supply Chain Finance is […]

How Companies Segment Cash to invest in Supply Chains

With all the talk about how much cash corporations have to fund their supply chain, I thought it would be a good idea to examine […]

The Accounting behind Receivables – What you need to know

We all probably remember taking high school accounting and the thrills of being lectured on income statements, debits and credits, and accounting standards and the […]

Insurers now free to invest in Trade Finance Receivables

There are literally trillions of dollars of assets managed by Pension Funds, Insurers, Endowment Funds and Hedge Funds to meet their respective missions.  Many just […]