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Competing in the Middle Market Lending Bakeoff

I recently had a conversation with Barry Kastner, EVP and Head of ABL for Bibby Financial Services. Bibby North America has three businesses – an […]

Purchase Order Finance Kicks into High Gear

You’ve heard the question many times before on Shark Tank. Do you have a confirmed Purchase Order? With Home Depot?  Walmart?  Best Buy?   Boyeah!  Thats […]

Inventory Finance – Not for the Faint of Heart

I recently spoke to a 35 year veteran of the inventory finance space to discuss any new initiatives here.  According to this veteran, there are […]

P2Bi applies Crowdfunding Model to Asset Based Lending for Small Business

P2Binvestor (P2Bi) describes themselves as a crowdfunding platform for commercial lending.  It offers credit lines to businesses.  Krista Morgan, cofounder of P2Bi, was working for […]

Inventory Finance and Balance Sheet Management– Pushing the Envelope

For a company like Starbucks, which has major spend categories such as coffee, cocoa, tea, sugar and dairy products, commodity price risk represents a primary market […]

UPS Capital and Finance – closed loop and focused on SMEs

I recently heard Ron Chang, new head of UPS Capital, speak about what their three main areas are in regards to supply chain finance.  Few […]

Setting up a Specialized Purpose Vehicle to Invest in Trade Receivables

In the last several weeks, several deals announcing some form of Specialized Purpose Vehicle to finance Trade Receivables has propped up on the newswire, many […]

Alternative Lenders Filling a Gap for Commercial Loans?

With Credit for Businesses tight, inevitably Nonbank Lenders will come to fill a Gap.  The WSJ recently reported that if your needs are for $1 […]

Stepping Out of the Box – One Bank assists with Inventory Finance

BNP Paribas, like many Global and Regional banks, offers solutions to support a company’s receivables and payables and a portal or online platform to manage […]