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Dude Where is Our Plane? OR Thinking About Government Involvement in Credit Insurance

In Canada, the Export Development of Canada is the primary export credit insurer for businesses, especially small businesses.  They recently developed an online product that […]

How Amazon Can Build a World Class B2B Credit File – Post 2

Yesterday I wrote about the need for business credit data, the current models, and why traditional models need improved.   Sales organizations need reliable data to […]

How Amazon Can Build a World Class B2B Credit File – Post I

Every sale made by a company of any reasonable size that is done on some extended payment terms is a credit decision.   All businesses grant […]

12 Risks to Manage when Financing Domestic Trade Receivables

In this day where new forms of factoring and receivable finance are the rage, it’s a good reminder to assess just what can go wrong […]

Why Some Lenders Find No Value in Trade Credit insurance

I recently wrote a post on Why SMEs Don’t Insure their Most Important Asset – Receivables which covered Euler Hermes new Simplicity product.  Certainly one […]

Infrastructure & Business Finance – Data & Risk Layers Key Part of Dance

Many so called purchase-to-pay networks want to provide some finance technique to the invoice volumes that run through them. This takes more than just technology […]

4 Reasons Why Companies Use Trade Credit Insurance

In my last Order to Cash post, I talked about setting buyer limits.  Instituting a credit management discipline in the order to cash space would not […]

Are There Insurance Alternatives to Standby LC facilities?

Lets face it, getting a Standby Letter of Credit facility these days is not cheap. Standbys are used for numerous things, and are used as […]

What to do when one of your Major Buyers is Distressed

In this uncertain economy, every sale to a business carries with it the risk the buyer will not pay. If the buyer goes into bankruptcy, […]

Competitive Payment Terms When Exporting on New Online Platforms

Trade Financing Matters welcomes a guest post from Gary Mendell, President of Meridian Finance. Amidst the business challenges we’re all facing this year, there are […]

Corporations Boost Finance with Trade Credit Insurance

Trade credit insurance represents an opportunity to enhance the overall quality of a suppliers receivables portfolio (eg. lets say from B to  BB- rated).  Trade […]

Credit rating agencies only game in town

When a Federal Appeals Court ruled that credit agencies weren’t responsible for overrating mortgage backed securities, I knew this somehow was a game changer.  Why?  […]