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Why Small Factor’s Existence is Threatened

Many small factoring organizations are the heart and soul for small business that require some financing or factoring using their accounts receivable to access cash […]

Purchase Order Finance Kicks into High Gear

You’ve heard the question many times before on Shark Tank. Do you have a confirmed Purchase Order? With Home Depot?  Walmart?  Best Buy?   Boyeah!  Thats […]

Die Factoring, Die – Middle Market Companies Use of Early Pay & Invoice Finance – Post 2


Yesterday, we made the point that current adoption rates of early pay techniques and invoice finance is still in its infancy with the middle market. […]

Die Factoring, Die – Middle Market Companies Use of Early Pay & Invoice Finance – Post 1


The fact that there are so many structural changes going on in the banking, capital and credit markets means working capital will only stay an […]

How EInvoicing is Turning Invoices into Currencies in Latam

Kenneth Bengtsson, CEO at Efact, gave an interesting presentation at Exchange Summit Orlando on Peru’s efactoring solution that has recently become law (Law #30308, Peruvian […]

Seller Based Invoice Marketplaces – To Sell or Not To Sell? Part IV

Post four on Electronic Invoice Marketplaces looks at benefits and challenges of buying assets on an invoice auction market. Investors in exchange auctions can come […]

Indian Government to establish Electronic Trade Receivable Platform for SMEs

If you ever watched Seinfeld, you may recall the engagement episode when George Costanza gets engaged and Jerry is about to tell Elaine the news […]

Can Swift’s BPO be an alternative to the Two-Party Factoring Model?

When companies trade cross border on open terms, it presents risks and usually extended terms, especially in emerging markets. In fact, the U.S. has become […]

GLI Finance Bets on Portfolio Strategy with Multiple P2P Platforms

I recently caught up with Louise Beaumont, founder of Platform Black and now head of public affairs for GLI Finance (“GLIF”). GLIF describes themselves as […]

How does a P2P Network help with Invoice Fraud

If you are factoring an invoice, you are concerned about Fraud and Dilution. In traditional receivables financing, there are numerous risks that lenders face including […]

Five Threats to the Factoring Business Model

Factors potentially left with the Hard Candy after Halloween Being in a Factor’s shoes is a lot like watching your big brother take all your […]

Are P2P models the death of Factoring? CFA Webinar to explore

There is much spin and confusion going on around new models for finance. And of course a massive movement to create non bank entities to […]