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Basware and Arrowgrass go after non confirmed invoice market

Basware recently announced their financial offering, a suite of Supply Chain Finance capabilities that are both buyer and seller driven. One is called Basware Factor […]

Disruptors, Innovators and Disintermediation – Should Banks Really Care?

Most would say I drew the short straw in debating Jason for the Great Open account debate. First, it’s Jason: young, fit and very smart. […]

Government Receivables Represent Great Financing Opportunity

With so much attention devoted to SupplierPay, I thought it would be good to see how the government backs up what they preach. When the […]

Why Factors Should Care That We Are Moving From Analog to Digital

Banks and other lenders face challenges from up-starts (e.g., Tungsten, Taulia, Nipendo, Amazon, Basware Pay) and non-bank lenders (e.g., private equity, asset manager) when it […]

Know your documentation when financing cross border

Much of the China-USA trade flow of goods is financed by U.S. or Chinese banks or trade finance and factoring companies. I have written about […]

Lets clean up the confusion around Supply Chain Finance Nomenclature

The term supply chain finance is not universally accepted nor well defined. The traditional lending model is starting to give way to supply chain finance […]

Payplant offers cash starved App Developers an early pay solution

Payplant got their start when a few tech entrepreneurs (Ronjon Nag, Neerav Berry) sold their app development business to Blackberry. In the course of their […]

Factoring gets new life with growth in Cross Border Open account trade

I have written a few pieces around Factoring over the last few months and certainly while B2B and Supplier Networks are booming in the news, […]

Capital Business Credit helps extend terms for Importers

You are a non investment grade importer that has a long term trading relationship with suppliers in China and Hong Kong and few issues with […]

Not all Factors are Pawn Shops

I’ve taken some heat indirectly from the factoring community regarding some recent blogs.  First I thank my parents I was born with thick skin.  Second, […]

Factors and their Funding Costs – Part I

In recent years, finance companies like Wells Fargo, CIT and Bibby Financial have benefited from historically low interest rates, a credit cycle that has been […]

Supplier Networks and Factors – Not a Match made in Heaven

Michael J. Clain is a lawyer with Windels Marx Lane & Mittendorf, LLP and focuses on the structuring, negotiation, and documentation of a variety of […]