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How Marketplace Lenders Can Better Protect Investors

How do the new age of fintech providers that offer platforms for investors and originate credit protect an investor’s investment? When an investor buys into […]

Why Intercreditor Agreements Will Matter More with Alternative Business Finance

Given the rise of alternative business assets to finance by non banks, one area that is important to understand is the area of intercreditor arrangements.  […]

Alternative Finance and Shadow Banks – Voodoo or Hail Mary?

Ha, that ugly world the democrats tossed around during their debate last week – shadow banks.  Like it’s some form of disease, or worse, a […]

New Money Fund Regulations to Impact Short Term Trade Receivables

Many corporate treasurers hold operating cash for liquidity purposes in places like short term treasuries, banks and money funds. According to the Investment Company Institute, […]

Department of Treasury’s Plea to Understand Online lending

The Treasury Department is deciding how to classify and categorize the new marketplace lending industry. People use the word “marketplace or p2p lending” just as […]

Chapter 11 Business Filings Likely to Rise

The Alix Partners Ninth North American Restructuring Experts Survey had some very interesting findings worth sharing. The survey is done with the people closest to […]

Paper Bills of Exchange inhibit Finance

Uniform Commercial Code hasn’t moved to the 21st century with Bills of Exchange It’s 2014 and we have cloud solutions, online purchases, PayPal, pcards, chip […]

BNP Paribas fine a wakeup call to Vendors, Supplier Networks offering finance

The recent $8.9 billion dollar fine assessed on BNP for funneling money into Sudan, Iran, etc. for many years has implications for supplier networks, einvoicing […]

Pcard Market set to explode in Public Sector – Consequences of Basel III and Liquidity Ratio

Basel 3 will impact how the Public Sector compensates banks for services. Up until Basel III implementation, the public sector compensated banks with cash balances […]

The Accounting behind Receivables – What you need to know

We all probably remember taking high school accounting and the thrills of being lectured on income statements, debits and credits, and accounting standards and the […]

Another attempt to define Supply Chain Finance

I have to applaud the International Chamber of Commerce.  In their recent meeting in Dubai, they formed a Global Supply Chain Finance (SCF) Forum to […]

Credit rating agencies only game in town

When a Federal Appeals Court ruled that credit agencies weren’t responsible for overrating mortgage backed securities, I knew this somehow was a game changer.  Why?  […]