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Reverse Factoring, Double Dipping, and Supplier Fraud

I am not aware of any buyer default on reverse factoring programs (sometimes mistakenly referred to as Supply Chain Finance).  That is not to say […]

Why Fraud scares Investors buying invoices

I was taught that the odds that at least one well-known company is insolvent and hiding behind fraudulent accounting are quite high.  I was reading […]

More Regulatory Capital, less Trade Finance?

The Fed, in keeping with its movement to make banks regulated utilities, has finalized tougher rules on capital, liquidity and leverage for Foreign Banks operating […]

Insurers now free to invest in Trade Finance Receivables

There are literally trillions of dollars of assets managed by Pension Funds, Insurers, Endowment Funds and Hedge Funds to meet their respective missions.  Many just […]

Setting up a Specialized Purpose Vehicle to Invest in Trade Receivables

In the last several weeks, several deals announcing some form of Specialized Purpose Vehicle to finance Trade Receivables has propped up on the newswire, many […]