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How Amazon Can Build a World Class B2B Credit File – Post 2

Yesterday I wrote about the need for business credit data, the current models, and why traditional models need improved.   Sales organizations need reliable data to […]

How Amazon Can Build a World Class B2B Credit File – Post I

Every sale made by a company of any reasonable size that is done on some extended payment terms is a credit decision.   All businesses grant […]

Where’s the Finance in Today’s Order to Cash Solutions?

The Order to Cash (“O2C”) space is one that is not well covered by analyst, research firms, and others. Maybe because much of what O2C […]

Why Small Factor’s Existence is Threatened

Many small factoring organizations are the heart and soul for small business that require some financing or factoring using their accounts receivable to access cash […]

Is Bank Small Business Lending Making a Comeback at Expense of Fintech?

Many of the Fintech lending initiatives have been dead set on helping the poor small business (“SMB”) that in the past had to borrow on […]

Will Direct Subsidies to Corporates Replace Exim Bank?

For the last year, Exim Bank has been unable to approve transactions benefiting the GEs, Boeings, Caterpillars and other large corporates. Why? When Congress reauthorized […]

12 Risks to Manage when Financing Domestic Trade Receivables

In this day where new forms of factoring and receivable finance are the rage, it’s a good reminder to assess just what can go wrong […]

Purchase Order Finance Kicks into High Gear

You’ve heard the question many times before on Shark Tank. Do you have a confirmed Purchase Order? With Home Depot?  Walmart?  Best Buy?   Boyeah!  Thats […]

4 Situations Where Invoice Auctions can Supplement Securitization and ABL Programs

Recently I had a chance to catch up with Co-Founder and Managing Director Glenn Kocher from LiquidX. For many of you who are not aware […]

Are Companies Using Early Pay Finance with their OEM and large Customers?

Many middle market companies who sell to OEM and large enterprise customers are routinely offered some form of early pay technique such as supply chain […]

The Factoring World has no Amazon – Yet!

When Amazon gets involved in a business area, you can bet the current incumbents are shaking in their collective shoes.  There will be disruption.  The […]

Die Factoring, Die – Middle Market Companies Use of Early Pay & Invoice Finance – Post 2


Yesterday, we made the point that current adoption rates of early pay techniques and invoice finance is still in its infancy with the middle market. […]