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Third-Party Funding for Dynamic Discounting – Still in Infancy?


On Trade Financing Matters, I’ve been sharing a number of my thoughts in recent days LINK about some of the challenges and hurdles faced in driving greater adoption for third-party financing for invoice discounting and dynamic discounting, as well as some thoughts on what it will take to cross the chasm from corporate and treasury funded-programs. David Gustin, the managing director of Trade Financing Matters, could not sit still after reading what I had to say and decided to chime in himself. Below, I’ve featured a few of his thoughts on the challenges with non-bank funding for invoicing discounting and dynamic discounting models that leverage an approved invoice through an e-invoicing or supplier network connectivity service.

5 Catalysts for Third-Party Funding of E-Invoicing

Yesterday, I covered some of the challenges surrounding the adoption of third-party financing across e-invoicing solutions and supplier networks. But perhaps the more important question is: What will it take for these solutions to cross the chasm from theory to action? I have some hypotheses. Either individually or collectively, it will be fascinating to see how these 5 scenarios come together.

Too Many Supplier Portals Causing Companies Headaches?

Richard Manson director of cloudtrade wrote an interesting piece the other week about suppliers being overlooked around einvoicing. The point of the piece was that […]

What the heck is an Integrated Receivable Hub?

We tend to focus on purchase to pay solutions and early payment acceleration at Trade Financing Matters, but there is much activity around order to […]

D+H Acquires Fundtech – What’s in it For Fundtech?

D+H in Toronto has entered into an agreement to buy Fundtech from the Chicago private-equity firm GCTR, which bought the payments company in 2011. Fundtech has […]

Way Past Due: Mandatory E-Invoicing by the Federal Government

Trade Financing Matters welcomes this guest post form Bob Solomon CEO, Software Platform Consulting. Bob is a B2B information network guru who helped build the […]

On–Demand, Event Triggered Finance With Network Models – A Game Changer?

Trade Financing Matters - Free White Paper Download
The talk about supply chain finance and in particular new ways of financing commercial transactions, be they international or domestic, has mostly just been that, talk. Most of the developments have been around financing suppliers off an approved buyer invoice, which makes the risk easier to manage. Could on-demand, event triggered finance with network models be the ultimate game changer? Find out with this new, downloadable paper from Trade Financing Matters.

Bolero digitizes shipping information – Catching up with Ian Kerr at Sibos

There’s a tremendous interest in digitizing shipping information and providing visibility around shipping. Any company that buys goods, particularly globally, knows there are four levels […]

Payplant offers cash starved App Developers an early pay solution

Payplant got their start when a few tech entrepreneurs (Ronjon Nag, Neerav Berry) sold their app development business to Blackberry. In the course of their […]

Hap-X Healthcare exchange – a working capital solution for Healthcare

Total health expenditure is huge. In 2012, health-care spending was $2.8 trillion in the United States. If you have ever dealt with billing, payables etc. […]

Square adds cash advances – small business lending continues data driven movement

I’ve been a big fan of Square and its ability to enable small business to accept credit cards anywhere for 2.75%.  It’s a convenience and […]