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Square adds cash advances – small business lending continues data driven movement

I’ve been a big fan of Square and its ability to enable small business to accept credit cards anywhere for 2.75%.  It’s a convenience and […]

SunGard’s AvantGard GetPaid solution brings analysis to Receivables

Outstanding balances from the accounts receivables (A/R) process typically account for the largest source of potential funds available to any company.  SunGard has an interesting […]

Bitcoin applications for Corporate Treasurers

People are questioning institutions that have been around for decades or centuries – like a Central Bank, like a fiat currency, or politically motivated institutions.  […]

Deutsche Bank focuses on Working Capital with new Global Solutions unit

Recently, Deutsche Bank created a global solutions function within their trade finance/cash management for corporate (TF/CMC) business as part of their global transaction banking division.  […]

Impressions as Tungsten/OB10 Releases Networked, Invoice-Based Spend Analytics

My colleague Jason Busch had the chance to catch up with the team behind Tungsten Network’s new spend analytics offering (note, OB10 is now Tungsten […]

Private Investment Fund Bankrolls P2P lender Kabbage

Kabbage, a small business lender with ties to UPS as an investor, has closed a $270 million credit facility with Guggenheim Securities, the investment banking […]

Not all Factors are Pawn Shops

I’ve taken some heat indirectly from the factoring community regarding some recent blogs.  First I thank my parents I was born with thick skin.  Second, […]

Halleluiah, small business alternative to Banks

New Alternative Liquidity models collaborate A recent story out of the U.K. talked about a collaborative model for enabling banks that reject small business loan […]

PayPal’s captive small business lending program

I’ve personally used Paypal and have found them to be useful for a small business that does not want the hassle of becoming a credit […]

Order to Cash and Dealer Networks

When most of us talk about supply chain finance, we tend to think of it in terms of some form of Buyer centric program which […]

A new Auction Market – How Platform Black got their start

I spoke to Louise Beaumont, co-Founder of Platform Black, recently about what made her want to go out and create a market for invoices of […]

Tracking the (Meta) Data – going beyond Track and Trace

Canada’s CBC News reported that a secret document revealed by Edward Snowden shows a free wireless service at an unidentified major Canadian airport was used […]