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Legal View on Supply Chain Finance Structures

It’s always good to get the legal input on supply chain finance, and I had the recent opportunity to sit in on Mayer Brown’s webinar […]

Why APIs matter in Fintech

It's getting harder to turn around in finance, especially fintech, without bumping into some reference to APIs, or application programming interfaces. Why do we normal […]

When One Bad Alternative Finance Transaction Blows up Your Portfolio

Investor interest (and when I say investor I mean Non Bank) in financing business credit (ie, shortening receivables or extending payables) is at all an […]

P2P Lending, Loss Rates, and Risk Mitigation

It's been almost a decade since the first UK P2P Lender Zopa launched, back in April 2005. In the analog world, relationships mattered. In a […]

How does a P2P Network help with Invoice Fraud

If you are factoring an invoice, you are concerned about Fraud and Dilution. In traditional receivables financing, there are numerous risks that lenders face including […]

Banks, Not Investors, still Funding many Vendor Platforms

I recently did a post where I sized the supply chain finance application market, see Supply Chain Finance Application Market Still Small Some of these […]

BNP Paribas lacks USD clearing capabilities – impact on commodity trade

As part of BNP’s punishment for violating U.S. sanctions against Sudan, Cuba and Iran, in addition to being fined $8.9 billion, a New York banking […]

KYC Audits may lead to Unbanked Countries, Unbanked Banks

Banks have very strong AML and KYC rules that need to be applied to other banks. This tends to be more complicated because of requirements […]

Options to Buy Trade Finance and Trade Credit Assets are Growing – Part 2

The disruption occurring around working capital business banking is in the early days, but between “information advantaged” finance models and more expensive bank equity, start-ups […]

Options to Buy Trade Finance and Trade Credit Assets are Growing – Part I

Bank’s have been looking to distribute trade finance assets off their books for a number of years because their equity has become increasingly expensive, especially […]

Credit Default Swaps, Defaults and What Really Happens

When Banco Espirito Santo SA credit-default swaps were devalued last month after the Portuguese bank was rescued and restructured by the government, it was a […]

Non Banks using Information Advantages to Finance trade credit

Networks contain valuable data on the performance history of buyers and their suppliers. Today, most of the financing is done on one event, an approved […]