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5 Hypotheses Tested on Supplier Use of Supply Chain Finance

Recently, I participated in a webinar where Prof. David Wuttke of the EBS Business School presented highlights of his joint research together with Prof. Eve […]

Do Portals Actually Increase Suppliers Workload?

“You mean my supplier doesn’t appreciate the fact he can check my portal about payment status? “Comment from Fortune 500 company APEX Analytix completed a recent […]

Does Orbian really have the Best Supplier Support and Enrollment Platform?

I’ve written that Supplier Support and Enrollment, hereby called onboarding, can mean different things to different people but in this context is specific to onboarding […]

Onboarding – It’s all about the Front, Middle and Back office Part IV

This is the last post in a series on Supplier Onboarding and we have saved the back office for last. While many vendors are focusing […]

Onboarding – It’s all about the Front, Middle and Back office Part III

Last week we spoke about front office supplier onboarding activities. What the heck is a Middle office as it relates to onboarding? A middle office […]

Pre Shipment or Purchase Order Finance– can anyone Deliver the Goods? – Part II

We know purchase order financing is a tough nut to crack. There are two vendors out there that offer or are attempting to offer solutions, […]

Nipendo’s Early Pay Solution Opens New Opportunities

Trade Financing Matters - Free White Paper Download
The Nipendo model represents a next-gen procure-to-pay platform, and is in line with the new trend of companies developing early pay solutions in order to create liquidity to their supply base. Find out more about Nipendo's spend coverage, validation solution and the innovative discounting solutions that can capture the long tail of procurement with this new, downloadable paper from Trade Financing Matters.

C2FO’s Marketplace Model Attracting Attention

Trade Financing Matters - Free White Paper Download
The model for the C2FO market has gained significant momentum over the past 6-plus years. What makes it different than alternative lenders? What are its strengths and weaknesses and what is the ultimate upside present in this model? Find all this out and more with this new, downloadable white paper from Trade Financing Matters.

Mispriced Credit? – Thin pricing around Supply Chain Finance structures

I have had a few banks lament that their large corporate supply chain finance deals are now facing heavy competition, driving pricing down to what […]