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The Tower of Babel and Trade Finance as an Asset Class

If you listen to some of the publications out there, you would think that trade is already an asset class and all you have to […]

Vessel Tracking Technology Making Trade Finance Transparent

Trade Financing Matters welcomes this post from Byron Mckinney, Product Manager – Trade Finance, Accuity In the twelve months from January to December 2017, over […]

Blockchain in Trade – are we missing the point?


What is the most resilient parasite? Bacteria? A virus? An intestinal worm? An idea. Resilient…highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain […]

How Tax Reform May Impact Corporates Self-Funding Early Pay programs

The tax overhaul approved by Congress could have significant consequences for early pay and supply chain finance programs. It is projected there is over 1.25 […]

Are We Tired of 2018 Predictions Yet?

I get tired of reading predictions that are really disguised as either self promotion or demonstrate a fundamental lack of understanding of how things really […]

The Haves and Have Nots for Finance

All I ever hear about is Gaps in Finance. This creates our haves and have nots.  There is: The SME funding gap – According to […]

There are just too many Supply Chain Finance Conferences

I get asked the question what supply chain finance conferences one should go to a lot. And really there are no shortage of conferences with […]

How are Companies Investing their Surplus Cash?

J.P. Morgan Global Liquidity Investment PeerViewSM recently conducted a survey of 400 CIOs, treasurers and other senior decision-makers. When I perused the JPM liquidity survey, […]

Considering life in a post-bank world

Trade Financing Matters welcomes this Guest Post by George Mitchell, senior conference producer at Global Trade Review “Digital is the main reason just over half […]

Update on Where Institutional Investors Can Buy Trade Receivables? – Non Bank Sources

The challenges in making a market for trade assets are several and significant. First, as an asset class, it is poorly understood by end investors. […]

Australia Leader Sites Corporate Extortion of Small Suppliers

In a 5 April article in the Australian publication The Age (which I encourage you to read here), Australia’s small business ombudsman Kate Carnell singles […]

Interest Rates Diverge and Impact Trade Finance


It’s timely to consider recent movements in both Libor and Treasuries given the recent noise around an upcoming Fed hike (the third in 10 years!). […]