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Everything Blockchain

I guess someone must have told American Banker, and many other publications you put blockchain in the title and people will at least open the […]

Why Most Networks Aren’t Capable of Handling Global Trade

For most vendors that provide supplier networks to enable einvoicing, document handling and exchange, supplier portals, most solutions covers indirect spend well. Whether you are […]

Sustainability Finance

We are well beyond a growing awareness of the various environmental risks brought about by deforestation, water rights, water shortages, climate change, greenhouse gases, etc. […]

Can Banks Really Provide Holistic Working Capital Solutions in this Digital World?

I hear many banks in the global trade, treasury and commercial finance areas are keen on providing holistic working capital solutions to their clients that […]

The Wisdom of the Crowd Theory and Crowdfunding

There is the idea called the “Wisdom of the Crowd” and the idea is you can take the most sophisticated experts in any field and […]

Negative Press, Political pressure Force Aussie Firms to Back Down on Payment Terms

George Papanikolopoulos is head of supply chain innovation at timelio, peer-to-peer marketplace for invoice finance It’s not often you see two of Australia’s major corporates […]

Negative Interest Rates Already in the USA

The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting the same result. Albert Einstein Many of us who have surplus short term liquidity […]

Should you Confirm your Letter of Credits?

When selling internationally, a company may find it hard to protect their sale through the use of trade credit insurance and receivable puts. A more […]