SolutionMap: 56 Procurement Software Companies Ranked (Q3 2019 Update)

Spend Matters has released its Q3 2019 SolutionMap procurement technology benchmark rankings of 56 procurement software companies across 12 solution categories. Based on equal parts objective technology capability ranking (done by our analysts) and customer feedback scores with set weightings, SolutionMap evaluates vendors in the following categories: E-Procurement Invoice-to-Pay (I2P) Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Source-to-Pay (S2P), a suite view that includes all P2P and strategic procurement technologies’ categories Sourcing Spend & Procurement Analytics Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) & Risk Strategic Procurement Technologies, a suite view that includes Sourcing, Analytics, CLM and SRM Contingent Workforce & Services Enterprise Technology, which maps Contract Services/Statement of Work (SOW), Temp Staffing, and Direct Sourcing of Workforce/Services* (DSW/S). *Notably this quarter, Spend Matters has renamed the “Independent Contingent Workers (ICW)” category to “Direct Sourcing of Workforce/Services (DSW/S)” to reflect industry developments — but not to be confused with direct materials sourcing. (For more [...]

How to Use SolutionMap Buying Personas

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There are many products in today’s world that companies produce to fit as broad of a range of consumers as possible. While “one size fits all” may work just fine for peddling jeans or baseball caps to large markets of end-users, it’s the opposite of helpful in the procurement technology realm. The needs of each procurement organization — as well as procurement-solution providers’ organizations — are too nuanced for “one size fits all”-style rankings and recommendations from other industry intelligence firms and experts. That’s why Spend Matters ranks procurement and supply chain software providers through the prism of buying personas. A buying persona is essentially a mix of variables that results in a “shortcut” as a way for your organization to identify its personality, as the first step before considering the procurement technology solution market. What are the Elements of a Procurement Persona? Several elements make up a persona, and [...]