Eight Years of Procurement Software Part 1 – the Success Stories

Today, a look back on how the procurement technology world has changed in the eight years I’ve been writing here at Spend Matters UK/Europe. I guess the biggest change has been the move from premise-based software to “SaaS” (software-as-a-service), pay as you go, cloud-based providers and products. Coupa has been the firm that exploited this move perfectly; arguably, Rob Bernshteyn has created more shareholder value ($3 Billion plus) than anyone else in our industry in the past decade, as Coupa’s strategy just hit the zeitgeist spot on, with their easy-to-use, (relatively) easy-to-implement, constantly improving SaaS platform. Another big change has been the growth of the “suite” concept. While specialists continue to do fine in certain areas (we’ll come back to that), the market is increasingly dominated by firms who offer a wide range of capability across the procurement landscape - purchase to pay, sourcing, analytics, contract management, etc. However, it [...]

New Approaches to Procurement Negotiation – Spend Matters Top Papers

In the run up to Christmas and my passing over the Spend Matters UK/Europe reins, we’re going to feature some of the briefing papers I’ve written over the past eight years. We’ll leave those published in 2018 – we will run though those again in the first week of January to get you back into work mode and thinking about serious matters again. In 2015, we published a paper based on one of our Real World Procurement live workshops with BravoSolution. This looked at the work of Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman and other behavioural psychologists and what it meant in terms of negotiation approaches. I tried a bit of Derren Brown type manipulation in the sessions in the UK and the Emirates, which didn’t always work but made them probably the most enjoyable live events I did in my Spend Matters career! Anyway, here is what we said about [...]