Getting Started with Sourcing Technology

It is easy to think that every procurement function in the world is using procurement technology, or even the latest procurement technology the market can offer – perhaps end-to-end procurement suites, covering all the bases, or the “best of breed” products covering capabilities such as sourcing, purchase to pay, risk, spend analytics and so on. Everything it seems is now supported by AI of course, with machine learning, super-slick user interfaces, integrated master data management … the works. It’s tempting to think that – but it would be wrong. Both from survey results and from our own conversations with practitioners at events, it is clear that many organisations are nowhere close to that nirvana. They’re still working manually (even in some key areas), or are restricted to ERP functionality, which is sub-optimal in the procurement space, or use home-grown tools in which MS Excel and other ubiquitous off-the shelf components [...]

Pearls of CPO Wisdom from Global Business Intelligence Event – Part 1

We don’t usually like to duplicate articles on Spend Matters, but our US-based chief marketing officer, Carina Khul, recently attended the Global Business Intelligence CPO event in New York, and came away with some little ‘gems’ of CPO knowledge and experience that we thought were relevant enough to share with all, regardless of location – here’s Carina: Dashing into the room while balancing a cup of tea, “hotel bagel” (you know the kind) laptop and attendee bag, the opening panel has already kicked off. I find an open chair all the way in front as the room is well-filled with attendees who better planned their morning commute. Lisa Becker, North American head of procurement at GfK, is moderating a panel on supplier collaboration with David Zullo, NCR Corporation’s CPO, just saying how his suppliers know his products almost better than NCR does. So, to drive value engineering they bring in [...]