Five Years of 50 To Know/50 To Watch Solution Provider Lists – Who Will Make Six?

There are 25 firms on the Spend Matters ‘50 Providers to Know’ and ‘50 Providers to Watch’ lists who have routinely managed to gain a place for five years on the trot. So it set us to wondering which ones might manage to maintain that track record, and who might be ‘toppled.’ As Spend Matters enters its sixth year of compiling the lists, we are excited to see who can ‘make the grade’ and hold on to, and surpass, that record.

The Spend Matters ‘50 Providers to Know’ and ‘50 Providers to Watch’ are annual lists (not rankings) of solution providers in our industry. An updated list is released each Spring: they comprise 100 leading technology and services providers that stand out in one, or some, of many ways, or, as Peter Smith once said “these are the firms that every CPO should know about and understand to some extent.”

The 100 firms on the list are split into two categories – those to Know and those to Watch, and are formed from unbiased, independent reviews carried out by our analysts. Far from being subjective, these lists are the work of a team who understand the procurement solutions market and the players better than anyone else in the world, we would argue. Jason Busch, David Gustin, Michael Lamoureux, Pierre Mitchell, Andrew Karpie, Xavier Olivera and Nick Heinzmann (all of whom you’ll be ‘meeting’ next month as we roll out our alternative ‘Meet The Team’ series) are all involved. Throughout the year they talk to thousands of people in our industry, look at hundreds of organisations providing services to the procurement industry and watch dozens of demos looking in more depth at procurement software, solutions and products. So they have great insight into the key organisations selling into the procurement and supply chain industry. The selected providers on the lists are the result of lengthy discussions, analysis and benchmarking, until a consensus of lists is arrived at.

The 50 to Know includes those organisations that are the leaders in different sectors of our market. How do we define that? Imagine a new CPO, maybe someone who has come into procurement from another function, asks us “which 50 organisations should I take a look at or meet in my first few months?” This is our answer. It doesn’t mean we think they are “the best,” but they need to be on the CPO's radar.

The 50 to Watch are the organisations (some more established than others) that are doing something interesting or innovative in the market – the ones we think our readers and subscribers should take a look at. This list is rather more exciting, because it can include newcomers that are pushing procurement forward, or offering the latest and most innovative solutions in the industry.

Interestingly, sometimes firms make the leap from the “to watch” category to the “to know” category. Last year for example, both OpusCapita and Scout RFP managed this. So it’s fair to say that the lists morph each year, which is why we're so interested to see those that have managed to retain their place for five years – it doesn’t mean they have the best products necessarily, but that they must be doing all the right things – bringing innovation to procurement organisations or changing the way procurement does business.

So who are these firms that have made the lists for five years straight?

In alphabetical order: AT Kearney, Accenture, Achilles, Amazon Business, Basware, Beeline/IQ Navigator, BuyerQuest, Coupa, Deloitte, GEP, ISG including Spend HQ, Ivalua, Jaggaer, KPMG, McKinsey, Oracle, Proxima, Resilinc, SAP SE including Concur, Fieldglass and Ariba, Scanmarket, Sievo, Taulia, The Hackett Group, Tradeshift and Zycus.

But let’s not forget there are 75 other firms that have stood out and earnt recognition to make those lists. So do look out for the launch of the 2019 ones to Watch and Know – and in the meantime take a look at the existing lists here.

If you are interested in accessing more detailed provider listings, visit the Spend Matters Almanac - a vendor intelligence directory* for procurement covering 25 categories and featuring more than 400 solution providers. It contains our independent and objective view of the solution providers on the market, keeping an eye on the offerings and highlighting those we believe could benefit your business - so that you don’t have to.

* For anyone wondering why they are not included as a provider in the Almanac, you can create your company's listing here

** And for even deeper knowledge of solution providers, access our SolutionMap to track market developments, assess provider capabilities, and identify your best-fit provider shortlist. 

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