The Spend Matters Analyst Team – What Makes Them Great!

The culmination of Spend Matters’ research efforts, including getting out into the procurement world, meeting vendors, getting to know their products, services and culture inside-out, speaking with suppliers and engaging with the wider procurement community, is in the deep insight we obtain. This we translate into content and advisory, like the unique SolutionMap, which analyses data to rank solution providers across a range of procurement-specific technologies, provides customised buying insight to reflect different organisational needs, compares procurement technology providers, tracks market developments and identifies your best-fit provider.

We also translate it into our subscription Pro service, which offers deep-dive competitive intelligence and vendor coverage, M&A analysis and best practices exploration that cannot be found anywhere else in the procurement industry. We also use it in our Nexus offering, which provides due diligence and strategy support for private equity clients, providing relevant market intelligence and fresh, data-driven analysis for solution provider CEOs, boards and leadership teams. It helps us write our customer-centric reviews, like ‘Make The Case’ and ‘What Makes It Great?’ two series which dig deep into procurement software, work out what works well and what doesn’t, and analyse the capabilities of those who sell or develop it.

So it’s a handy tool this research, which also trickles into our daily free-to-access content on the site, whether that be news stories, new provider introductions, acquisition notices, technology and innovation stories in the market, or general procurement-related market trends, from contingent workforce advice to supply chain risk to high-profile people movements. We don’t often get to talk about ourselves, we are normally too busy talking about all the providers and technology out there. So for once, let’s take a look at who it is that makes up the dedicated team of procurement technology analysts who are responsible for the largest expert information source for procurement and supply chain professionals in the world.

We are incredibly proud that our analysts can offer actionable strategies and tactics for better procurement decision-making to all levels of procurement professional and all stakeholder communities. While they are specialists in contract lifecycle management, contract services/statement of work, e-procurement, independent contract workers, P2P, S2P, I2P, sourcing, spend and procurement analytics, strategic procurement technologies, supplier relationship management and risk and temp staffing, it would be wrong to think of them as pure technology geeks! Our analysts are personable, engaging speakers, great advisers and listeners, and relationship builders; they just happen to be procurement tech nerds too - and very clever.

So let us introduce you, by way of their individual podcasts and ‘alternative bios’ to:

Jason Busch - the founder and a Managing Director of Spend Matters. A true procurement tech expert, and lead on Spend Matters Nexus. There is nothing Jason cannot talk about with superior knowledge. Listen to him here:

The Procurement Analysts’ Reel  – An Interview with Jason Busch

Pierre Mitchell - a Managing Director and our Chief Research Officer. Pierre is a recognised procurement expert specialising in supply processes, practices, metrics and enabling tools and services. Listen to him here:

The Procurement Analysts’ Reel  – An Interview with Pierre Mitchell

Michael Lamoureux: Michael is a lead analyst and futurist, and expert on sourcing, spend analytics, supplier management and advanced technology. Listen to him here:

The Procurement Analysts’ Reel  – An Interview with Michael Lamoureux

Andrew Karpie: Andrew is a lead analyst focusing on the evolving contingent workforce and services (CW/S) technology solutions space. Listen to him here:

The Procurement Analysts’ Reel  – An Interview with Andrew Karpie

Xavier Olivera: Xavier is a lead analyst and editor for Spend Matters and Spend Matters Mexico y América Latina. Listen to him here:

The Procurement Analysts’ Reel  – An Interview with Xavier Olivera

Nick Heinzmann: Nick is a Spend Matters’ analyst, supporting senior analysts in research and project delivery for clients and covering emerging and niche vendors within the procurement technology sector. Listen to him here:

The Procurement Analysts’ Reel  - An Interview with Nick Heinzmann

And last but by no means least, our newest analyst

Magnus Bergfors – Magnus is VP European Research and lead analyst. He has deep expertise in strategic sourcing and SRM. Listen to him here:

The Procurement Analysts’ Reel  - An Interview with Magnus Bergfors



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