2015 procurement predictions, glitter bombs, and our new VP of business development

It's time for procurement news from Spend Matters US. Here's hoping everyone had a lovely holiday and has already not only dug themselves out of the mountains of post-vacation email, but lost lost the 10 lbs they put on from non-stop eggnog and candy consumption (I've taken up crossfit this year, which I truly don't recommend unless you enjoy picking up heavy weights and running around with them until you can't breathe). Anyway! Back to procurement. Here's what happened here in the states this week.

We're doing a webinar series on all of our 2015 Procurement Predictions. If you're a Plus/PRO member, please check out the replays of Part 1 and Part 2. If you're not a Plus/PRO member, catch us live for Part 3 next week.

Talk about the fastest exit strategy of all time: 24 hours after launching a website that will mail a large envelope of glitter to your enemies, the founder of shipyourenemiesglitter.com tweeted "ShipYourEnemiesGlitter with 1m visits, 270k social shares, $xx,xxx in sales, tonnes of people wanting to order. 24 hours old. For sale.Pierre Mitchell thinks the whole story is a hearty lesson in supply risk.

We have some exciting new (free!) research for you to download:

Jason Busch has begun 2015 in a pondering mood, wondering why financial supply chains can't keep up with physical ones.

Further questioning: What is "spaving," and why should it be eradicated?

Are SAP and Ariba morphing or moving to full EDI network replacement and support??

Finally, we're thrilled to introduce our new SVP of business development, Eric Lynch.

This week in music, let's all chill out with Mini Mansions (an LA-based group featuring Queens Of The Stone Age bassist Michael Shuman) and Brian Wilson, who makes a guest appearance on the track Any Emotions.

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