30 Under 30 Supply Chain Superstars + more webinars and research

Late last month, ThomasNet and the Institute for Supply Management announced the winners of the first “30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Stars” recognition program - and we'll be featuring interviews with the winners over the next few weeks. We're also doing a webinar next week on The White House's SupplierPay initiative (if anyone is interested in the American side of things) and we know you're dying to figure out how much was spent on Valentine's Day last weekend.

First things first! We're excited to present our first interview with one of the "30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Stars" Nicholas Ammaturo, 30, from the retail business group Hudson’s Bay Company in New York City.

Join us next Thursday for The White House, SupplierPay, Early Payment Opportunities, and You, featuring David Gustin of Trade Financing Matters and Eyal Rosenberg of Nipendo! David says: "Back in July 2014, The White House announced the SupplierPay initiative to help small companies get paid faster and facilitate access to lower cost sources of working capital when dealing with larger corporates. Since that time, the U.S. Government has onboarded over 50 large corporations and believes if it can get 200+ companies, there could be a pretty significant economic impact."

The staffing and contingent market report card is in and we've given both an F-.

Speaking of failing, why is procurement so bad at managing indirect spend?

How much did we spend on roses and candy and fancy dinners out last Valentine's Day?

Pierre Mitchell issues a reminder to not forget the "R" in procurement "ROI."

Finally, our editor Kaitlyn has some consumer woes regarding a recent L.L. Bean purchase (she should have gone Barbour or Pendleton, perhaps).

That's it from state-side - have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

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