Procurement Best Practices and Wedding Planning + Spend Matters US News

(Editor's note:   Many Congratulations to Sheena and "her" Jason (as we call him to distinguish him from Jason Busch) on their marriage. It is amazing how far a shared love of obscure vintage northern soul on vinyl (of course) can take a relationship! Two absolutely top people - we hope they will have a long and happy time together. Peter Smith)


First things first: I've gone and gotten myself married. Check back later today on Spend Matters US for a full post on how I was able to apply some procurement best practices to the wedding planning process (my personal favorite: switch to cheap(er) booze once everyone is already drunk). In the meantime, here's a photo, and thanks very much to anyone from the Spend Matters community who offered their procurement advice and support during the planning process!

photo 3

In other more pressing procurement news:

OpenText bought GXS, and we have several opinions on the matter.

We typically shy away from mentioning uncomfortable digestive issues on the blog, but what can you do when e-invoicing and eProcurement processes give your small suppliers heartburn?

Let's talk P2P efficiency metrics!

On Spend Matters PRO, Pierre Mitchell tackles the difficult task of justifying spend analysis programs to finance/IT (when you may not be able to articulate any sort of ROI): Part 1, Part 2.

We've written more on the curious case of blur Group, this time in a Spend Matters Plus piece: The blur Group: Services Marketplace Curiosity

Have a wonderful weekend, all!

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