50 Shades of Pay Free Download – Giving Stakeholders Access to Procurement Spend Analytics

Our esteemed colleague at Spend Matters US, Pierre Mitchell, is a brilliant guy, and we don’t use than term loosely. He previously ran the Hackett Group’s procurement benchmarking practice, and he is incredibly knowledgeable about not just procurement technology, but general good practice, metrics and measurement, data and analytics ... the list goes on.

He is working on what will probably be the most complete guide to spend analytics you will ever find , which he has amusingly called “50 Shades of Pay.” He is into the teens now of what will be no less than 50 articles, and most of the articles are available to our Plus and PRO subscribers. However, one of his articles has been made available free to download for a short time, courtesy of procurement software and solutions firm GEP.

"Shade 10" of the 50-part analytics series deals with the topic of letting business users analyse their own spending. This might seem an obvious thing to do, but often spend analysis tools are developed or purchased by procurement power users looking to do strategic sourcing.

The alternative is to consider what benefits can arise through engaging a broader set of business users, who may be casual users of the analytics tool but do actually own the spend. There are some barriers to this approach; for instance, some analytics tools are frankly not easy to use, which makes it less likely that an interested but occasional user like a budget holder will actually be able to get the benefit from the analysis.

So if you want business stakeholders to use the analytics system – and there are benefits in doing that –then Pierre’s article will give you some thoughts on what you have to give them. That ranges through the easy-to-use issue, to how you can relate the tool to stuff that really matters to them.

To get your free copy of 50 Shades of Pay: Giving the Car Keys to Those Who Own the Cars, please complete the short form on this page. If you are a member already you can skip the form and log in to grab your free copy.

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