50 Shades of Pay, Mars, Jupiter, and Procurement, and ASTR

We've started a new series. It's sultry. It may take you to places you've never thought of going before. From author Pierre Mitchell: "You know spend analysis. So basic. So primal. Wham, bam, spend cube, thank you ma’am – you’re done, right? Not so fast. Spend analysis is not a quickie event on your long-term procurement transformation. It is an evolving competency, one in which as you become more skilled with it, you can bring so many different forms of [business] satisfaction to many stakeholders." Don't miss the first post in our 50 Shades of Pay series, Spend Analysis' Many Profitable Pleasures. And don't worry, there are 49 more posts to come after that.

Speaking of metaphors, we have a new (free!) paper for you to download: Procurement is from Mars and Finance is From Jupiter. Where's Venus, you ask? Marketing wasn't invited to this party, unfortunately...but stay tuned.

Fresh off the presses from Trade Financing Matters, check out C2FO’s Marketplace Model Attracting Attention. Author David Gustin says, C2FO is an online, early payment system that hosts a daily market, where suppliers make dynamic bids for accelerated payment of their approved invoices by discounting those invoices in real-time events. C2FO has been described as a private NASDAQ for cash flow between buyers and their suppliers.

Jason Busch talks P2P, procurement applications, and why the cloud "ain't so simple."

Regular guest contributor David Wyld wrote a fascinating piece on data security: IT Procurement in the Time of World War Zero.

And in music, I can't stop listening to ASTR's Varsity EP.

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