Only 8 Weeks Until eWorld Procurement and Supply – Keynote From Dr John Glen

Looking ahead to after the summer holiday period, we will be back at the QEII Centre in Westminster on September 26th 2017 for the latest eWorld Procurement and Supply event.

This has become an essential day for practitioners and a wide range of procurement solution providers. Supporting the event is affordable for even relatively small suppliers, unlike certain other conferences we could name, and procurement practitioners get a free ticket, which is even more enticing now a free bacon or sandwich breakfast AND lunch AND end of the afternoon reception are included! No need to schlep out to Pret or the Westminster Arms now.

As well as the food though, the real reason to attend is the more than 30 seminars, keynotes and workshops to choose from for delegates – while inevitably they vary in terms of quality, there are always plenty of good sessions, whatever your procurement interest really.

Dr John Glen from the Centre for Customised Executive Development at Cranfield University (he’s also the CIPS economic adviser) is the keynote speaker. He’s going to be talking about “Procurement & The Brexit Bombshells”, which is about as topical as you can get.

Glen will cover the economic issues around a hard or soft Brexit, and the key risks that procurement professionals should be considering. We caught up with him the other day for a chat, and asked him about his keynote. He was keen to stress that he works with industry, not just as an academic – “I’m not going to talk about purely theoretical issues!”

For instance, he has real concerns about the prospects for HMRC systems, with customs processes critical for importers and exporters.  “Forwarders and logistics firms will have systems in place and should be ready, but will government be in such a good position”?

The potential transition period raises many issues too, including one aspect Glen mentioned which I wasn’t aware off – that under certain situations, UK politicians may be able to alter legislation with less consultation and governance than is usually the case. And might a long transition period with little apparently changing lead people to wonder what exactly they voted for in 2016 …?

There are also issues around labour and employment that Glen intends to cover. The UK labour market is already tight in some areas, and Brexit could obviously affect that further. That is an interesting issue for procurement in a number of ways, from resourcing our own teams to contingent labour category management.

There are other interesting speakers too at eWorld this time around, a blend of practitioners, solution providers and other experts.  For example, Tim Rudin has featured here previously and has some really good content around responsible procurement activities at Transport for London, and our friend Pete Loughlin is going to be talking about Blockchain and P2P. That’s a session definitely not to be missed.

So, you can register here; see you on 26th September in London.

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