Putting Strategy Into Action – A Roadmap For Procurement

We’re pleased to announce our first Spend Matters Europe webinar of 2016, and it should be a good start to the year, as we’ve teamed up with Sigi Osagie of Procurement Mojo fame for the session on January 27th at 4pm UK time (5pm western Europe etc). The webinar is hosted by BravoSolution and ProcureCon (the events people), and the title is Putting Strategy into Action: A Roadmap for Procurement in 2016.

Procurement executives are expected to define a strategy and turn that into plans and actions for your function, category, project or role. In this webinar, the presenters will look at 5 key areas that you may want to consider for your procurement road-map in 2016 and more critically, will discuss how you turn these ideas into action to achieve positive results.

Now we can’t possibly cover every aspect of these topics in 45 minutes or so, but we will explore some of the critical success factors, and some of the approaches Sigi and Peter have taken to deliver successful results during their careers. This won’t be purely theoretical – the presenters will draw on 40 years plus line management experience between them in senior procurement and supply chain roles, so expect some interesting “war stories”!

The five areas that will be covered are:

1. Spend Analysis – Where is the money going?
2. Challenging long standing contracts
3. Identifying staff and technology needs
4. Implementing appropriate Category Sourcing Strategies
5. Managing Suppliers for Value

You can register here for the webinar; free of charge of course.

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