Putting Strategy into Action: A Roadmap for Procurement in 2016


As we get into the New Year, many procurement executives will be either starting to implement their 2016 plans, or, for the many who work with an end of March annual cycle, planning their strategies for 2016/17. So the timing is good, we hope, for our first webinar of 2016, titled Putting Strategy into Action: A Roadmap for Procurement in 2016.

The webinar is hosted by BravoSolution and ProcureCon (the events people) and Peter Smith of Spend Matters will be joined by Sigi Osagie of Procurement Mojo fame. The session is on January 27th at 4pm UK time (5pm western Europe, etc).  You can register here for the webinar,  free of charge of course.

We will be covering five key areas, chosen because we believe they are relevant to pretty much every procurement executive in any organisation. We can’t cover every detail of course in 45 minutes, but for each topic, we’ll give you a view on why it should be on your list of priorities, the key high-level critical success factors in each case and give you some of our personal views and stories based on our personal experiences – good and bad – in our extensive careers!

The five areas that will be covered in the session are:

1. Spend Analysis – Where is the money going?

2. Challenging long-standing contracts

3. Identifying staff and technology needs

4. Implementing appropriate Category Sourcing Strategies

5. Managing Suppliers for Value

As you can see, that starts with some fairly basic concepts but we will get into some more advanced thinking in areas such as technology and supplier value management (which we believe is going to be one of THE big themes for procurement in 2016). We do hope you can join us on the 27th.

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