Win Richard Kirstein’s Excellent Book on Buying Music Rights!

We reviewed the new book by our occasional guest writer Richard Kirstein here. Titled “Music Rights – Without Fights” and subtitled “The Smart Marketer’s Guide to Buying Music for Brand Campaigns”, this is an excellent book for anyone interested in the topic, well-written and an enjoyable read as well as very useful for anyone in marketing services procurement.

We're delighted to say that Richard has kindly offered five autographed copies of the book to readers of Spend Matters. These will be worth a fortune when displayed on the Antiques Road Show, circa 2153 ...

All you have to do is complete the quiz below - some of you might know the answers, but I'm sure Mr Google will help if you don't! Then complete the tie-break question and email us your entry by February 19th. We'll announce the winners the following week.

So here we go – answers to please.

1.  Which 1940s' song performed by Cab Calloway was used in a 2015 UK Christmas campaign by an upmarket retailer?

2. Which US band successfully sued a beverage company for unlicensed use of their music which contravened the will of a deceased band member?

3. Which iconic UK rock band surprisingly licensed one of their best known songs into a fragrance campaign starring the male lead from Twilight?

4. Which famous New Jersey rock star never licenses his songs for brand campaigns?

5. Which 6 minute long number 1 song was used in a recent TV spot for a holiday brand – but using the spoken word version by the star of an iconic space TV series?

And in case we need it – a tie-break! Use your creativity and complete this lyric (with apologies to John Miles)! Plenty of words that rhyme with “last” …

Procurement is my first love, and it will be my last.

Procurement ........

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