eWorld Procurement and Supply – Next Week!

We’re just a week away from eWorld Procurement and Supply at the QE11 Centre in Westminster on Wednesday, 2nd March. I’m going to be in the UAE doing our Real World Procurement sessions there, but Nancy Clinton, our Publishing Director, will be there so look out for her if you want to say “hi”.

Tickets are still available for eWorld and are free for procurement practitioners, just follow the link. That's a great offer; the conference element has got much stronger over the years, making it a good day for any procurement professional really. When I first attended, it felt like an exhibition with a few talks from sponsors on the side, but now it is a genuinely interesting and full speaker programme.

The keynote is a bit different this time; rather than the usual procurement guru, it is Martine Wright, who lost her legs in the London 7/7 bombings. “As a member of Team GB’s sitting volleyball team, Martine belongs to a world where inclusivity, team spirit and a sense of purpose are essential ingredients for success – much like most thriving businesses – which is why we believe eWorld delegates will gain so much from her inspirational story”.

Other non-sponsor sessions include Lucy Brownsdon from the Centre for Facilitation, talking about “Achieving Collaboration and Engagement in Projects”. The focus on procurement working collaboratively with internal stakeholders, and with key suppliers, has greatly increased in recent years, so this sounds like it could be very relevant. Christopher Barrat of Greystone Partnership is a regular and is always both entertaining and thought-provoking; his topic this time is “Social Intelligence – The Leadership Skill of the Future”. If you haven’t heard him before, that’s certainly worth checking out. In fact, if you have heard him before … the same applies.

There’s also a workshop from Aleyn Smith-Gillespie of the Carbon Trust on sustainability in the supply chain, and various friends of ours including Tania Seary from Procurious and Alan Day from State of Flux are performing. KPMG’s “centre of excellence” for supplier management sounds interesting; is that for their internal supplier management or a consulting-type offering, I wonder?

There are some of the usual key sponsors represented too: Proactis, Wax Digital and Science Warehouse always seem to be prominent. But there are also new names this time round, including Old St Labs, SciQuest, Applegate Marketplace, Determine, OpenText, and Perfect Commerce. Good to see Old St Labs there; we assume that means Mark Perera and his band of brothers are coming out into the open a little more in terms of their new Vizibl product?

And don’t forget – there is a free bacon or egg breakfast roll for delegates. The bacon version is gammon really and is very delicious, I must say. But will they let the exhibitors and press have one as well this time? That’s the REALLY big question!

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  1. Lydia Ginsbury:

    Hi Peter, thanks for the post – free bacon and egg rolls for all (Inc exhibitors and press!) if arriving before 9.30am. Hopefully see you at the autumn event.


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