Real World Procurement – Webinar If You Missed The Live Performance!

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Real World Procurement session last week with BravoSolution (titled Putting Suppliers at the Centre of Your Organisation). We had pretty much a full house at our new venue for 2016, a very pleasant private room at Smith & Wollensky (no relation), a very beautifully designed huge new restaurant on John Adam Street, just off the Strand.

We'll say a bit more about the content from the day later this week, but we covered the ideas behind supplier lifecycle management, the benefits of taking a supplier-centric approach to our procurement processes and activities, and quite a lot about competitive advantage and suppliers' potential contribution to it.

We got some great questions, both from a couple of very distinguished delegates (Terry Mackay and Neil MacKenzie) who have been around the procurement world for as long as me, and from some of the younger audience members! Thanks to everyone, and it was good to see so much networking and discussion going on after the formal session finished - that was always one of our key aims with the Real World events, and last Wednesday we certainly got that.

The series this year has been very much designed to highlight both practical tools and latest theoretical thinking in what are in effect the absolutely "core" processes and enablers for procurement. Hence this first session really set the scene - after all, capturing supplier value is fundamentally what procurement is all about. Or it should be anyway.

If you attended, don't forget to complete the quiz which gets you on the way to the BravoSolution Real World Scholarship; £2,500 to the highest scorer across the series. You need to actually attend 3 sessions to enter, but you can do the quiz for those sessions even if you don't attend as long as you hit that minimum.

Two other dates to note. If you couldn't make the session but are interested in the topic, I'll be covering it again in a webinar, repeated twice on March 9th; one at 11am and another at 4pm so we can pick up the US audience then. You can sign up for those here.

Then the next UK "live" Real World event is on April 13th at 11am when my partner in this initiative, Guy Allen, will be leading on the topic "Driving Value From Your Sourcing Process". There are still a few places left, so book here for what I'm sure will be another interesting and useful session.

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