Down the Procurement Pub with CIOs, April Fools and A. K. Paul

OK, it has been Easter week and whilst we have been working, the Spend Matters team has taken a few days out between us to visit parents, go to weddings, etc. So not too much to show in the way of drinking – so here’s another picture of some of our US colleagues from the Spend Matters US Procurement Tech Summit from a couple of weeks back.

And talking of our colleagues... there is a brilliant new announcement today from Spend Matters -  read all about our exciting new diversification here!


We came across this article on the CIO website. Titled “CIO alert: Purchasing is not positioned for emerging IT models”, it’s an important message for procurement, and we will come back to it in more detail next week. So your homework for the weekend is – please read it. Not the simple “knocking procurement” perspective you might expect from an IT magazine, but a thoughtful piece about the issues faced by both the IT and the procurement functions in the changing world of digital and everything-as-a-service.


OK, our article first thing today was an April Fool, but of course you knew that. Didn’t you? Well actually, it was not completely an April fool. One of our four WIPs was in fact real – can you guess which? Answer at the bottom of this page *… and actually, the rate at which these “as-a-service” platforms are growing, we wouldn’t be surprised if the other three turn up in the next few months!


One of our aims with our music features is to make the procurement profession as hip and trendy as possible, so that your colleagues, kids, friends cannot help but be impressed by your amazing knowledge of the latest sounds. The problem is, we don’t much like quite a lot of (for example) dance, so we miss out on some pretty hip genres. But this week we can assure you that we are at the absolutely bleeding edge. The Paul Institute project is two brothers from London, A.K. Paul and Jai Paul – both very elusive but with stellar reputations based on just a few tracks and collaborations as writer, producers and artists. Landcruisin’ is the proper debut single from A.K.Paul and we have to say, we really love it. Prince meets Blade Runner, someone said, and that sounds about right. I’ve just played it three times straight through and it gets better with familiarity. Hypnotic …. No video yet but here is the Soundcloud link.


* Answer; is not an April Fool. It is in fact a very fine website that enables anyone who wants to find a voice-over artist to do just that, quickly and easily. The world’s number 1 marketplace in its field, a fine example in fact of a “work-intermediation platform”.

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