eInvoicing Webinar with Markus Hornburg of Coupa – This Thursday!

We are getting very close now to our webinar this Thursday at 1pm UK time (2pm in Germany, France etc). You can register here.  We’re fortunate to have one of the world’s genuine gurus of eInvoicing with us to answer Everything You Always Wanted to Know About eInvoicing (But Were Afraid To Ask)!

Markus Hornburg first got involved in the subject 15 years ago when the Swiss Government became one of the first in the world to consider eInvoicing. Since then he has worked for major supply-side technology firms and advised countless public and private sector organisations, in Europe, Asia and South America. He understands the benefits – and the challenges – of eInvoicing better than anyone we’ve ever met, and is now VP of Global Product Compliance for spend management software giants Coupa.

On Thursday, I’m going to give just a quick background to the topic, then we will get into the questions. I've prepared a few that I want to ask Markus – but we hope you will provide more during the event. Indeed, if you want to ask him any in advance, please do so via the “comments” facility at the bottom of this article. I promise we will answer them during the session (or later if we run out of time).

Anyway, here are three:

- What are the negatives – or perhaps I should phrase it, what should you look out for in terms of risks and challenges if you are implementing a eInvoicing programme?

- In terms of internal stakeholders, who should be involved in the programme – and who should lead? Is it a procurement project? Finance? IT?

- I know you have said to me previously that organisations have to make sure they are ready for eInvoicing. What exactly do you mean by that?

Register today here and hope you can join us on Thursday.

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